Alarm Monitoring

What is Alarm System Monitoring?

When an alarm system is connected to an alarm system monitoring service a signal is sent to the alarm monitoring company when a break-in, fire or other event triggers the alarm. The alarm monitoring company will then notify the police, fire brigade or other appropriate authority or person.

Why Monitor an Alarm?

Alarm system monitoring has a number of benefits.

  • fast emergency response
  • prompt notification to police or security guard in the event of an intruder
  • prompt notification to fire brigade in the event of fire or carbon monoxide detection
  • peace of mind that your family and property is protected 24/7
  • reduced insurance premiums
  • telephone line or wireless network connection to alarm monitoring service

How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

When an event such as a burglary or fire is triggered by your alarm system, signals are sent via phone line or wireless network from your alarm system control panel to the alarm monitoring company. The alarm monitoring company will then quickly contact you, the police, fire brigade, ambulance or security guard, depending on the cause of the alarm and your particular monitoring plan. Types of Alarm System Monitoring

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  • “ATEK Security recently supplied and installed a new Bosch alarm system for us. Adam was excellent to deal with. He was punctual, courteous and, because he is technically savvy, was able to provide advice relevant to our requirements. We especially appreciated his care and attention to detail when working in our brand-new home. We are very happy to recommend Adam.”
    — B and W, Cook, ACT
  • “Atek Security has custom designed and installed an IP camera system for our premises Mooseheads Canberra City. The Hikvision product has greatly improved our security and is very easy to use.”
    — Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub
  • “We have been using Atek Security for several years now, they have supplied and installed an IP camera system and only recently an IP intercom that also controls our gates. We are very happy with the products and service offered by Atek Security.”
    — Gen Plus Hire